Slippery Jack Mushroom
Suillus luteus (L) Roussel
Order: Boletales - Family: Suillaceae

The slippery Jack is a most widespread summer and autumn fungus. It is a species of the Suillus genus. The very slimy (when wet) cap surface is the origin of its common name.

It is most often seen in large numbers beside paths in pine woods, and it is one of the boletes that has a distinctive ring, white at first but discoloring with age, usually dark chestnut brown.
Beneath the cap, a white veil covers the lemon yellow pores. The veil tears to leave an irregular ring on the stem and often pieces of veil hanging from the cap margin.

The stem is first pale straw-yellow, darkening with a dot pattern above the ring and with an irregular covering of brown fibers near the base. The large, floppy stem ring is white initially but usually develops a purplish tinge to its lower surface as the fruitbody matures.


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