Agarista / Fetter-Bush
(Florida Hobblebush - Carolina Doghobble - Pipe Plant)
Agarista populifolia
Ericaceae (Heath) Family

Agarista is a relatively tall, multi-stemmed shrub. The branches often arch and ascend to leaning. The twigs have a chambered pith. The bark is smooth and brown. Its preferred habitat is moist woodlands, lower slopes of rich ravines, seepage slopes, swamps, and near springs and spring runs. Distribution is thorughout the Escambia region.

The leaves are evergreen, alternate on the stem, one whole part, bright green, lance-like to ovate. The margins have no tThe fruit is a round capsule.eeth and no lobes, but occasionally have a slight serration. The leaf tips are long tapering.

The flowers are white, narrowly urn-shaped, borne in many-flowered clusters at the leaf axils. The plant is showy when in bloom. Flowers occur in the spring.

Fruit is a round capsule.

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