Banded Tiger Moth
Apantesis vittata
Hodges 8171

Identification: Covell, Moths of Eastern North America, Pg. 69. Nearly identical to the Harnessed Moth, but where both species occur, the Banded Tiger Moth usually has more reddish shading and a broader, more solid black border on the hindwing. Caterpillar host plants are dandelion and other low plants.

Nais Tiger Moth -- The pattern is similar to Harnessed and Banded Tiger moths, but the hindwing is yellowish-orange with a broad black outer border. The caterpillar host plants are clover, grasses, plantain, violets, and other low plants.

Harnassed Moth -- The wing pattern varies, especially on the hindwing. The forewing is mostly black, with cream-colored costal border and lines estending from the base (less creamy on the female). In specimens from the deep South (both sexes), the hindwing is usually more yellowish than reddish with little or no black edging. Caterpillar host plants are clover, corn, dandelion, plantain, and other low plants.

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