Barred Yellow Skipper
Eurema daira (Godart)
Family: Whites and Sulphurs (Pieridae)


Photo courtesy NABA South. Texas - Male
Identification: Males and females differ. Upperside of the male forewing is yellow with a black bar along the inner edge and a large black area at the apex. The female varies from yellow to white. The forewing has gray-black on the apex and a black patch on the outer edge of the hindwing. The summer form (wet season) is smaller with more extensive black areas. The underside of the summer form is satiny white. The winter (dry) form is brick red or tan with two small black spots in the cell. Males patrol open areas for females. Females lay single eggs on the new growth of host plants. The wing span is 1 1/4 - 1 5/8 inches.
Adults take nectar from a large variety of flowers include vetches, shepherd's needle, and lantana. The preferred habitat is tropical and subtropical dunes, pastures, and open pine woods.

Caterpillar host plants are pencil flower, vetches, and other plants in the pea family.

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