Beakrush - Shortbristle Beakrush - Horned Beakrush -
Short Bristle Horned Beakrush
Rhynchospora corniculata (Tamarch) A. Gray
Cyperaceae (Sedge) Family

Beakrush is a tufted annual and perennial herb, clumped or spreading. The stems are solid, 3-angled, smooth to scaly, branched or unbranched. Its preferred habitat is moist to wet woodlands, hydric pine flatwoods, hammocks, swamps, marshes, prairies, floodplains, ditches, shorelines, stream banks and bogs. There are approximately 29 species found throughout the region.

The leaves are 3-ranked, smooth, flat or rolled. The margins are usually rough, from closed leaf sheaths.

The flowers are bisexual in nature. The perianth of 5 to 13 bristles, typically with 2 or 3 stamens and a single pistil with 2 stigmas and an enlarged base. The style base is persistent and forms a long or short "beak" on the fruit. Each flower is subtended by a scale, in 1 to 2 flowered spikelets. Flowers occur in the spring.

Fruit is a lenticular achene.

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