Hoary Tick Trefoil - Smooth Tickclover
Desmodium canescens (Linnaeus) A.P. de Candolle
Fabaceae (Pea) Family

Smooth Tickclover is also known as Beggar's Ticks.

Plant is an upright, smooth to slightly hairy perennial. Its preferred habitat is woods, roadsides, fields and disturbed sites. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are alternate on the stem; trifoliate (sets of three), egg-shaped, no teeth and no lobes.

The flowers are small, in a raceme or nearly panicle-like. The calyx is four-lobed with five petals that are violet, purple or white; ten stamens. Flowers occur in the summer and early autumn.

Fruit is loment (a legume that is constricted into a linear series of segments, each
containing one seed), with one to three nearly round segments.

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