Autumn Beggar-Ticks
Bidens frondosa
Asteraceae (Composite Sunflower) Family

Beggar-Ticks is also known as Devil's Beggar-Tick, Sticktight and Bidens Sticktight.

This plant is an uncommon sunflower that prefers a habitat of roadsides, damp grounds, fields, waste places, and the margin of ponds and streams.  Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.  The plant is not rare, simply rarely seen by the public.

The adult plant reaches a height of 1 - 4 feet.  Its stalked leaves are opposite on the stem; basal leaves usually have no teeth or lobes; lance-shaped.  Upper stem leaves are divided into 3 lance-like segments.  Margins are dentate (toothed) and the tip is sharp.  The central leaf segment has a lengthened stalk that may be 1/2 as long as the leaf blade.

The flowers are heads made up of disc flowers and non-radiating rays; about 1/4 inch in diameter. The flowers are yellow supported by long leafy bracts.

Fruit is an achene, in which the outer layer is fused to the seed.  Each seed is blackish with erect bristles on the edge and tilted on the two awns.

This plant may be easily confused with two plants that reside in similar places; B. tripartita (sometimes called European Trifid Beggar-Ticks) and B. cernua, which leaves are usually undivided.

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