Bird's Foot Trefoil
(Garden Bird's Foot Trefoil - Eggs and Bacon)
Lotus corniculatus
Fabaceae (Pea) Family

This is a low plant, often with a reclining stem, with slender clover-like leaves and yellow pea-like flowers in flat-topped terminal clusters. Its preferred habitat is fields and roadsides. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

The leaves are compound, with 3 ovate leaflets about 1/2 inch long, and 2 leaflet-like stipules at the base of the stalk.

The flowers are bright yellow, pea-like, and about 1/2 inch long. Flowers occur in the summer.

Fruit is a slender pod about 1 inch long.

The showy plant was introduced from Europe. The pod arrangement suggests a bird's foot; hence the common name. A western species, L. americanus, has pink and yellow flowers, as does the southeastern Heller's Birdsfoot Trefoil, L. helleri.

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