Blue Sage - Blue Salvia - Prairie Sage - Pitcher Sage
Azure Blue Sage
Salvia azurea - Lamarck
Lamiaceae (Mint) Family


Plant is an upright, hairy perennial. Preferred habitat is thin woods, roadsides and margins of fields and meadows. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are opposite on the stem, stalked, long and slender (linear to lance-like), smooth or toothed with base extending downward from the point of attachment.

Flowers are in a panicle or raceme; two-lipped (similar to snapdragon); the corolla is blue or occasionally white, 2 to 4 stamens. Flowers that occur in the spring produce a raceme that is fuller and longer. Flowers that occur in the autumn are fewer and larger.

Fruit is an ovary with two or more seed chambers.

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