Blue Dasher Dragonfly
Pachydiplax longipennis

Male Blue Dasher

Photo courtesy Curtis Miyasaka
May 27, 2006
Copyright (c) 2006 C. Miyasaka

Female Blue Dasher
Photo courtesy Pete Williams, Gulf Breeze, Florida
September 18, 2009

Blue Dasher Dragonfly is a swift flyer indeed, possessing transparent or slightly smoky wings with a patch of yellow at the extreme base. The abdomen is black but becomes bluish-gray with age. This dragonfly is the only American species of this genus. As adults, the males linger near the water at all times while the females perch on trees and grasses on shore, only returning to water when foraging or ovipositing. This species has a common occurrence and is widely distributed throughout the United States. This dragonfly can be seen along freshwater springs, streams, ponds, backwater sloughs and wetlands along the delta. The nymphs are found among the bottom debris of ponds and lakes.

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