Butterfly Pea
Clitoria ternatea
Fabaceae (Pea) Family

Butterfly Pea is also known as Cat Bells.

Plant is a trailing or climbing perennial vine; smooth to hairy. Preferred habitat is rocky woods, stream edges and pine woods. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are alternate on the stem and trifoliate; leaflets are egg-shaped to lance-like and entire (no teeth, no lobes on leaf edges).

Flowers are clusters in the leaf axil; five-lobed; five petals; light blue to lavender; banner is large with dark purple streaks. Keel of flower is pointed upward. Flowering season is in the summer.

Fruit is a legume.

The related Spurred Butterfly Pea (Centrosema virginianum), is white in the lower center and the keel points downward.

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