Marsh Frogfruit - Texas Frogfruit - Cape Weed -
Turkey Tangle Frogfruit
Phyla nodiflora - (Michaux) Greene
Syn: Phyla lanceolata, Syns: Lippia Incisa,
L. nodiflora var. reptans, L. reptans, Phyla incisa
Verbenaceae (Vervain) Family

Plant is a creeping perennial herb with 4-angled stems up to 3 feet long, bearing short, upright branches. Its preferred habitat is damp sandy soil, sloughs, pond margins, ditches, and low pine lands. Distribution is throughout the region.

The leaves are spatulate or oblanceolate, with an obtuse to rounded apex; slightly toothed along the margin, usually on the upper portion of the leaf.

The flowers are small, white or lavender in color, and borne in dense heads that are held erect above the leaves. The flowers on the outside of the head bloom first, those toward the center later; pccurring in the summer.

Fruit is a capsule.

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