Carolina Basswood
Tilia caroliniana
Syn: T. chinensis, T. chingiana Cheng, T. cordata Mill.

Tiliaceae (Linden) Family

Carolina Basswood is also known as Linn Tree, Bee-tree and Linden.

Basswood is a medium sized tree with a narrow, dense crown, large leaves that are mostly hairy beneath, lop-sided. Distribution is occasional in the Escambia region.

The leaf sides are unequal and nearly straight at the base. The leaf tip is long-pointed and pinched.

The flowers are fragrant, on long stalks subtended by a single long green bract. The color ranges from yellowish-white to pale pink. Flowers occur in the early summer.

Its preferred habitat is at lower altitudes, and is the southernmost basswood species. The related American Basswood, T. americana, is known from the Midwest eastward and north beyond the Great Lakes. The northern species is often planted as an ornamental shade tree. 

The Linden family is made up of trees, mostly in tropical regions. There are a few scattered shrubs and herbs. All are deciduous except those found in the tropics. There are three native species in North America, but as far as is known only one is found in the Escambia region.

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