Catalpa - Catawba Tree
Catalpa bignonioides Walter
Bignoniaceae (Trumpet Creeper) Family

Catalpa is also known as Hardy Catalpa, Indian Bean, Fish Bait Tree and Lady Cigar.

Plant is a tree to well over 100 feet tall that flowers in the spring at roadsides, in woods and on stream banks. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are opposite on the stem, or occasionally whorled, consisting of one whole part, stalked, egg-shaped, no teeth and no lobes, forms an angle to the left and is pinched at the tip. Leaf base is heart-shaped and attached to the stem between lobes.

Flowers are in a panicle; bisexual; less than symmetrical. Calyx is two-lobed with the lobes having toothed margins; white, marked with yellow lines inside and purple spots in the funnel-like throat.

Fruit is a long pod-like capsule.

A dermatitis may develop after handling the plant. It has been reported that smelling the flower may also be poisonous to some people.

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