Catesby's Trillium
Rosy Wakerobin - Bashful Trillium - Bashful Wakerobin - Nodding Trillium
Trillium catesbaei
Melanthiaceae (Trillium) Family

Plant is an upright, smooth perennial in which new growth emerges from a rhizome. Its preferred habitat is moist soils on slopes and in alluvial woods. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region except directly at seashore, or essentially in those woods beginning at the Florida/Alabama state line and thence northward..

Leaves are at the tip of a tall stem in a whorl of three, egg-shaped to lance-like; usually forming an angle to the left with sides less than equal, but not mottled as is the case with most trillium. Leaves appear on a short stalk, which may be green or purple.

The flower is at the end of a nodding stem; solitary; sepals horizontally spreading and curved backward; flowering pink and turning white, then to darker pink with age; stamens are yellow. Flowering occurs in early spring.

Fruit is a berry.

This is said to be one of the late blooming trilliums and is restricted to the Piedmont mountains of Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee; however, it has been reported in scattered locations throughout the Coastal Plain, and particularly along Murder Creek through Escambia County near Brewton and Pollard.

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