Cheeses - Carolina Bristle Mallow - Bristly Mallow
Creeping Mallow
Modiola caroliniana (Linnaeus) G. Don
Malvaceae (Mallow) Family

Cheeses is a low, creeping perennial with reddish-orange to purple-red flowers on slender stalks in the leaf axils. This is a widely distributed species, abundant in the south and is often a lawn weed. It has many branches and roots at the nodes. Its preferred habitat is lawns, gardens, disturbed sites, and wet areas.

The leaves are 3/4 to 2-3/4 inches long; palmately divided into 6 to 7 coarsely toothed lobes.

Flowers are about 1/2 inch wide; 5 petals; stamens united to form a tube around the style; 3 bracts beneath the calys. Flowers occur in spring and summer, but is generally most noticed in the summer.

Fruit is a ring of black 1-seeded, 2-spined, nut-like segments that separate at maturity.

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