Chocolate Weed
Melochia corchorifolia - Linnaeus
Malvaceae (Hibiscus) family

Also known as Wire Bush and Redweed.

Chocolate-weed is a herbaceous annual with wandlike branches. Its preferred habitat is stable dunnes, roadsides, thin woods and scrub areas. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

The flowers are mostly in dense terminal heads arising from the leaf axil. All parts are five each; petals, sepals, stamens. The calyx is partly united with three or more united bracts at the base. The petals are short-clawed. The filiments are fused at the base (partly united). The colors are pink to purple or white. Flowers occur in the summer.

The leaves consist of one whole part, alternate on the stem, irregularly toothed or lobed

Fruit is a capsule.

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