Coastal Morning Glory
Calystegia macrostegia ssp. cyclostegia
Convolvulaceae (Morning Glory) Family

Plant is also known as Sharppod Morning Glory and Island False Bindweed .

The plant is a twining, slightly hairy annual with stems several feet long. Its preferred habitat is moist areas, margins of swamps and bogs, as well as directly at seashore in brackish back waters. Distribution is throughout the coastal region of the Escambia flood plain.

Leaves are alternate; variable in shape and size but usually broader than long; no teeth but sometimes irregular in shape. Base is heart-shaped or 3-5 lobed (looks like a butterfly or ivy-leaf) with apex of central lobe tapering to the tip with sides less than equal; constricted near the junction with the other lobes.

Flowers are in the leaf axil. The calyx is 5-lobed. The corolla is funnel-shaped, pink or
purple, occasionally white. Flowers occur in early summer.

Fruit is a capsule.

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