Cogon Grass / Imperatagrass
(Also known as Japanese Blood Grass)
Imperata cylindrica - (L.) Beauvois
Poaceae (Grass) Family

May 5, 2007

Cogon grass is an erect, tufted grass, from rhizomes. The grass is unbranched with mainly basal leaves having constricted bases and overlapping sheaths, and fringed ligule membranes. The plant is an aggressive exotic, colony-forming, perennial. Its preferred habitat is full sun to partial shade on right-of-ways, new forests plantations, open areas, old fields, and pastures. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

The leaves are mainly from near the base with overlapping sheaths, long-lanceolate, narrowing at the base, often drooping, sharp tip. The color is yellowish-green, with white mid-vein on the upper surface. The blades are flat or cupped inward. The margins are minutely serrated.

The flowers are terminal, silky spike-like panicles. The clusters are cylindric and tightly branched. the spikelets are paired.

Fruit is oblong grain, released within hairy husks for wind dispersal.

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