Eurasian Collared Dove
Streptopeleia decaocto

The Eurasian Collared Dove came to the western world from Asia. This is a new species in North America, having been introduced to the Bahama Islands around 1975. It quickly spread to Florida and is rapidly expanding its range across the United States. Populations are known to have become established in many eastern and midwestern states well into the Great Plains region.

This dove is larger bodied than the native Mourning Dove, and has a distinctly different call, sounding like koo-kooo, koo with the accent on the second beat. The male often makes a display koo sounding like "mair". Their mating display flight is similar to that of the Mourning Dove.

These doves frequent villages and towns, and readily come to feeders for seed.

The scientific name, literally means a collar (streptos) dove (peleia). In Greek mythology, Decaocto was an overworked, underpaid servant girl. The gods heard her prayers for help and changed her into a dove so she could escape her misery. The dove’s call still echoes the mournful cries of her former life.

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