Eastern Columbine - Meeting Houses Columbine
Canada Columbine - Red Columbine - Southern Columbine
Aquilegia canadensis Var. australis (Small) Munz
Ranunculaceae (Buttercup) Family

Plant is an upright, hairy or downy perennial. Preferred habitat is rocky bluffs or moist woods near streams. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

The leaves are alternate on the lower stem, arranged in sets of three, with segments lobed and stalked.

Flowers are panicle-like; bisexual; symmetrical in form; hanging upside down. Look for five sepals; five spurred petals; red and yellow; numerous stamens. Flowers occur in the spring.

Fruit is a follicle.

In Greek comedy and pantomime theater Columbine is the sweetheart of Harlequin.

Golden Columbine, A. chrysantha, is the State Flower of Colorado, named in 1876 when it gained statehood. The plant was given the name "Meeting House" because several insects may visit the flower at the same time, each looking for something different; hummingbirds, spiders and others.

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