Common Wingstem
Verbesina alternifolia -
(Linnaeus) Britton ex Kearney
Asteraceae (Sunflower) Family

Common Wingstem is a native perennial found throughout most of Alabama. Its preferred habitat is moist sunny sites such as along streams, the edge of mesic woodlands, and roadside ditches. It grows from three to eight feet in height. The plant produces short rhizomes, often giving rise to clusters of flowering stems.

The leaves are alternate on the stem and winged; broadly elliptic, petioled, 6 inches or longer. The upper stem leaves are essentially sessile and about 3 inches long, linear-lanceolate; rough above and below.

The flowers are produced in heads about 1/2 inch in diameter. Both the ray and disc flowers are yellow. The ray flowers tend to droop downwards.

Fruit is achene with a winged margin and two horn-like awns at its apex.

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