Corn Snake
Elaphe guttata

Photo courtesy Curtis Miyasaka, Montgomery, AL
April 5, 2006
Copyright (c) 2006, CM

Photo courtesy Kenneth Krysko
Copyright (c) Kenneth Krysko

Corn Snake may also be known as Chicken Snake or Red Rat Snake. The average adult size of an adult corn snake is 18 to 44 inches (record is 72 inches). Adults are orangish-brown with black bordered orange, red, or brownish blotches. The belly is usually a black and white checkerboard pattern, though orange may also be present. The underside of the tail has 2 black stripes. There is a spear-shaped pattern on the head and neck. The scales are weakly keeled, and there are 27 or 29 dorsal scale rows at the midbody. The pupil is round. Juveniles are similar in appearance to adults, but may be more brownish in coloration.

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