Cuckoo Wasp
Chrysis sp.
Family Chrysididae, Order Hymenoptera


Cuckoo wasps are also known as gold wasps, ruby wasps, and jewel wasps.

Cuckoo Wasp is the common name for a group of small, stinging wasps. The colors are brilliant metallic blue, green, or reddish. These are parasites that lay their eggs in the nests of bees, wasps, and certain other insects. There are some 3000 species of cuckoo wasps throughout the world, including about 230 species in the United States and Canada.

The preferred habitat of this wasp is open, sunny places. They have a thick, hard outer covering that is covered with pits. This coating provides protection from stings and bites of other insects. The underside of the abdomen is concave and allows the wasp to roll into a protective ball, another defensive mechanism.

Like the cuckoo bird, the wasp steals its food from other insects, thus the name cuckoo.

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