Sphecid Digger Wasp
Sphecid sp
Order Trypoxylon
Family Sphecidae

Sphecid Wasp is a common name for any of a family of wasps known for their predatory and nesting behaviors. The Sphecid wasp is also known as Digger Wasp. The family include the sand wasp, cicada killer, and caterpillar hunter. There are about 8000 species worldwide. More than 1100 of these species occur in North America.

The color may be black, black and red, yellow and black, or white and black; some are tinged with metallic blue (above) or green. This wasp preys on a wide variety of insects, including cockroaches, caterpillars, grasshoppers, flies, spiders, beetles, crickets, ants, and leafhoppers. They hunt to provide for their young. The female wasp's sting can inflict a painful wound in defense, but in general they are shy creatures and pose no threat unless handled.

Most Digger Wasp dig their nests in the ground, especially in sandy places. Among the best known Digger Wasps are the thread-waisted caterpillar hunters. The female closes her nest with soil while she hunts for food.

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