Dimorphic Bomolocha Moth
Hypena bijugalis
Hodges 8443

Female                                                                    Male
Male moth courtesy Pete Williams, Gulf Breeze, Florida, April 2010

Photos Courtesy Pete Williams
Gulf Breeze, Florida - March 2010 (l) -- April 2010(r)

Identification: Corvell, Moths of Eastern North America, Page 317. The forewing of males is blackish with a white spot on the inner margin. The forewing of females is similar to the Baltimore Bomolocha, but the post-median line is straighter, farther from the outer margin, and with 1 tooth. Some dark chocolate is under the blackish-brown median patch. The hindwing is dark grayish-brown, darker in males than in females. The caterpillar host plants are dogwood.

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