Dove's Foot Geranium - Awnless Geranium
Geranium molle
Geraniaceae (Geranium) Family

Dove's Foot Geranium may also be referred to as Dove's Foot Cranesbill. This is a low, downy species, often prostrate; winter annual from rhizomes. Its preferred habitat of Dove's Foot is waste places and lawns, especially trimmed cemeteries. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

The leaves are palm-like or rounded with short, blunt lobes or cleft, basal and also opposite on the stem.

Flowers emerge in the spring and mid-summer. The colors range from white to pink to purplish, usually in paired clusters, stalked and subtended by leafy bracts. There are 5 petals, 5 sepals and 10 stamens.

Fruit is a tubular capsule, within and extending from the leafy bracts, terminated by a slender beak resembling a tiny cranesbill (thus the common name of most geraniums).


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