Dwarf Palmetto - Bush Palmetto - Dwarf Fan Palm
Sabal minor (Jacquin) Persoon
Arecaceae (Palm) Family

Dwarf Palmetto is one of about 14 species of palmetto palm. It is native to the deep southeastern and south-central United States and northeastern Mexico. The native range spans from southeastern Virginia, south down the East Coast to Florida. It is also endemic on the coastal plain of the Gulf states from Alabama west to Louisiana, into Central Texas, Arkansas, north to southern Oklahoma and south in the State of Nuevo León in Mexico.

Among palm species, Sabal minor is one of the most frost and cold tolerant, second only to the needle palm. Its cold hardiness is variable throughout its range with the Oklahoma native population believed by many to be the cold-hardiest population. However, Sabal minor needs hot summers to survive in the coldest zones, there it is best adapted to hot low latitude subtropical climates like the southern USA and tropical Australia.

The dwarf palmetto grows up to about 10 feet in height, with a trunk up to 10 inches cm diameter. It is a fan palm with the leaves having a bare petiole terminating in a rounded fan of numerous leaflets. Each leaf is about 6 feet long and upwards to 20 inches broad, with 40 or more leaflets at maturity, conjoined over half of this length.

The flowers are yellowish-white, tiny, produced in large compound panicles up to three feet long, extending beyond the leaves.

The fruit is a black drupe containing a single seed.

Ornamental Dwarf Fan Palm

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