Eared Tickseed - Running Tickseed - Lobed Tickseed
Coreopsis auriculata - Linnaeus
Asteraceae (Sunflower) Family

Eared Tickseed is a native herbaceous perennial in the Sunflower family (Asteraceae). occurring in rocky woods, on roadsides, in forest openings, and along streams. It is a perennial forming rosette with elongate stolons ending in new plants.

The leaves are primarily basal, stalked, ovate to elliptic in outline, often with 2 basal lobes, and downy.

The flowers are produced in heads. The heads are solitary or up to 5 on long peduncles, held well above the leaves. Both the ray and disc flowers are yellow.

The seed is a winged achene.

Eared Tickseed is a popular wildflower and is often available from native plant nurseries. The plant grows well in average soils with full or partial sun. Soils should be moist but well-draining. Soils that remain wet for long periods of time cause crown rot. Removing old flower heads promotes re-blooming and prevents the spread of this plant by seed. Plants can be grown from seed and large clumps can be divided in the autumn.

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