English Dogwood
Philadelphus coronarius
Saxifragaceae (Saxifrag) Family

The image of English Dogwood, also known as Sweet Mockorange and Philadelphia Dogwood, is placed here only because the shrub is making a valiant stand as a wilderness plant. Often when a homestead has vanished, the shrub may thrive for many years. While it will most likely never become naturalized it is making its way and deserves honorable mention.

The plant, though called a dogwood, has no relationship to the Dogwood family. This is generally a small shrub with numerous spreading branches to an oval crown. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region. Its preferred habitat is lawns and gardens. If left undisturbed, it will find outside the garden to moist meadows and occasionally in flood zones.

Flowers occur in the spring and fresh blossoms continue for several months.

The leaves are smooth, scattered margin teeth, pointed tip that may be slightly pinched causing the sides to be less than equal. Leaf base is wedge-shaped.

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