False Nettle - Bog Hemp - Small Spike
Boehmeria cylindrica - (Linnaeus) Swartz
Urticaceae (Nettle) Family

Plant is a perennial with stinging hairs; occasionally reaching heights of 3-4 feet. Preferred habitat is moist or wet soils and in flood zones. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are opposite on the stem; oval to lance-like; strongly toothed margins and bearing three main veins; up to six inches long and three inches wide on long leaf stalk; rough and hairy.

Flowers are in small lax clusters on long spikes originating from the leaf axil; whitish, small; bisexual; translucent. Four sepals and four stamens. Flowering occurs from early summer to mid-autumn.

Fruit is a flat achene that may be hidden in the sepal tube.

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