Coastal False Asphodel
White Featherling
Triantha racemosa (Walter) Small
Toefieldiaceae (Asphodel) Family

Plant is a native herbaceous perennial native to the southern third of Alabama with out-lying populations in east central and northeast Alabama. It occurs in pitcher plant bogs, in seeps, in wet pine savannahs, and on boggy roadsides. It is a perennial with a rhizome.

The leaves primarily form a basal rosette; linear, 2-ranked, and equitant (having its base folded and partly enclosing the leaf next above it, as in an iris). There may be 1-3 reduced leaves at the base of the flowering stalk.

The flowers are produced in a raceme. The stalk of the raceme is glandular pubescent; clustered 2-7 along the raceme stalk; 6 white tepals and 6 stamens.

Fruit is an ovoid capsule.

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