Tanacetum parthenium, Syn: Chrysanthemum parthenium
Syn: Matricaria parthenium
Syn: Pyrethrum parthenium
Asteraceae (Aster) Family

Feverfew is a weedy perennial that is native to southeastern Europe; now widespread throughout North America and Australia to roadsides, waste areas and wood margins. The plant is commonly called golden feverfew or golden feather; a clump-forming, which typically grows 8-12 inches tall.. The plant is a short perennial that blooms between July and October, and gives off a strong and bitter odor.

The yellow-green leaves are alternate and turn downward with short hairs; pinnately lobed emerging chartreuse and turns darker green by mid-summer. Ther foliage has a feathery, fern-like appearance and is pungently fragrant when bruised..

The small, daisy-like yellow flowers are arranged in a dense flat-topped cluster.

This plant has numerous medicinal properties for treatment of a variety of problems including toothache, arthritis, headaches and fever.

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