Flag Pawpaw - Slimleaf Pawpaw - Dog Apple
Asimina spatulata, Syn: incarna (Kral) D. B. Ward
Annonaceae (Pawpaw) Family

Plant is an upright, few branched, small perennial shrub; usually no more than four feet high. Trunk diameter is about four inches. Preferred habitat is flat pine woods, roadside embankments and old fields. Distribution is strictly coastal in the Escambia region but wide-reaching across northern Florida and adjacent counties of Alabama.

Leaves are linear; leathery; prominent mid-vein below and few side veins; shiny green; short leaf stalks; blunt tip with leaf base graduating to a narrow point; willow-like and as much as ten inches long. Underside is pale green with downy hairs.

Flowers are fragrant; yellowish in color and appear after the leaf emerges; arising from the leaf axil. Flowers continue to develop after the shrub begins its fruiting cycle. Individual petals are about 1.4 inches long; thin and fluttery. Flowers occur in the spring and summer.

Fruit is an edible banana-like berry that matures in September.

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