Florida Marigold
Bidens mitis - (Michaux) Sherff
Asteraceae (Sunflower) Family

Florida Marigold is a native herbaceous annual. It can be found in the southern third of Alabama growing in swamps and marshes, along ponds and lakes, and in wet roadside ditches. It is an annual with a tap root. Stems are 1-3 feet in height and branched primarily from above the middle and are square.

The leaves are opposite, petiolate, ovate to lanceolate in outline, and once pinnately divided. The lobes are lanceolate in outline, glabrous, with serrate margins.

The flowers are produced in heads. The heads are produced in corymbs. Each head has 8-13 yellow ray flowers and 25-50 yellow disc flowers. The flowers are subtended by a group of small broad bracts known as the calyculus that form a calyx-like structure. The calyculi have entire margins. The phyllaries are lanceolate.

The fruit is an achene topped by barbed awns.

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