Four-spotted Chaser
Libellula quadrimaculata

The Four-spotted Chaser may also be known as Four-spotted Skimmer. The mature male will have less white spots than the female. The description that describes the 12-Spot Skimmer also applies to the Four-spotted, except for wing and tail markings, i.e., one description fits all. The body is long and slender; usually brown or black and often with bright markings. The wings are basically transparent and held straight out from the body when at rest. The hindwing is wider at the base than the forewing.

Its preferred habitat is marshes, fields near lakes, streams and ponds. The nymphs are hatched under water and are ready for flight when they emerge to the water's surface. 

The Four-spotted Chaser is the state insect of Alaska.

There is a variant form, praenubila Newman, which has exaggerated wing spots (seen here). This is believed to be related to water temperatures during larval development, and appears to be more common in Europe than in the Americas.

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