Genista Broom Moth
Aka Sophora Worm Moth
Uresiphita reversalis
Hodges 4993

Identification: Uresiphita reversalis (Guenee) is described in an unpublished thesis of Mulvay on Uresiphita polygonalis maorialis (Felder) is summarized as the biologies of the two species are identical in many regards. The eggs are cream colored and laid in overlapping clusters of up to 80. Larvae undergo five instars, are brightly colored and gregarious. Pupae are dark brown. Overwintering usually occurs in the pupal stage.

Adults are active nocturnally, with dark brown forewings and light orange hindwings with brown markings along the outer margin. Larvae of U. reversalis are diurnally active but feed throughout the night under warm temperatures.

The caterpillar host plants are Sophora, Crepe-myrtle, and honeysuckle.

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