Gold Star - Gold Chrysogonum
Southern Green and Gold
Chrysogonum virginianum - Linnaeus var. australe (Alexander ex
Small) Ahles
Asteraceae (Composite Sunflower) Family

Plant is a horizontally spreading, hairy perennial. Preferred habitat is moist soils in shaded areas near stream banks. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region except directly at seashore in brackish backwater marshes.

Leaves are opposite on the stem, egg-shaped, broadly toothed and on leaf stalks.

Flowers are star-like heads; rich golden yellow; about one inch broad. Disc is yellow; bisexual; symmetrical in shape. Flowers occur in early spring. The Latin description refers to its southern preference. A more northern variety is described as “virginianum” and is found in the Piedmont of the Carolinas.

Fruit is a capsule.

Many nurseries are now marketing the plant as cultivars.

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