Golden Corydalis - Yellow Corydalis - Pale Corydalis
(Southern Fumewort, Southern Corydalis)
Corydalis micrantha, ssp. australis, flavula
Fumariaceae (Fumitory) Family


Golden Corydalis is also known as Slender Corydalis, Southern Fumewort, Scrambled Eggs, Wild Corydalis and Corydalis. The Fumitory family was originally recognized as sub-family of the Poppy group.

Corydalis is an erect, or often reclining annual or biennial, with pungent smelling roots. Preferred habitat is sandy soils, drift zones at the edge of marshes, and waste places. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Fruit is a 1-celled capsule with 2 bone-like structures that separate the inner compartments (parietal placentas).

The leaves are pinnately compound (lobes or blades of a leaf arranged along the sides of a common axis like a feather). The individual leaflets are further divided into linear segments. The color is bright green and smooth.

Flowers are clear, golden yellow, appearing as a raceme at the tip of a weak stem; elevated above the basal leaf cluster. The corolla is yellow (sometimes with light reddish lines inside the tube; two small sepals. A prominent spur is usually seen on at least one of the petals.  Flowering occurs in early spring, often appearing before the last frost of winter.

Members of the Fumitory family that reside on the Coastal Plain, but outside the Escambia region, are Dutchman's Breeches, Squirrel Corn and Bleeding Heart.

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