Willow-leaf Goldenrod - Erect Goldenrod
Solidago erecta
Asteraceae (Composite Sunflower) Family, Daisy Tribe

Willow-leaf Goldenrod is also known as Erect Goldenrod and Slender Goldenrod.

The plant is an upright, smooth perennial. Its preferred habitat is the edge of pine woods and thickets, and at the margin of fresh and brackish marshes. It also has a habit among stands of Rough-Leaf, Tall and Giant Goldenrod. Distribution is occasional in the Escambia region.

The leaf is smooth, slightly toothed, usually widest beyond the middle. The tip is rounded or blunt. The leaf base is wedge-shaped with the blade extending down the leaf stalk to appear winged. The basal leaves are lance-like on long stalks.

The flowers are often seen as interval clusters along the stem. The color is paler than most goldenrod species. Ray flowers number 6 to 9 and all female, each is symmetrical in form. Disc flowers are bisexual in nature.

Fruit is achene.

This species is extremely difficult to distinguish from S. nemoralis, but a close examination of the basal leaves and one will quickly see the characteristic that sets them apart.

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