Croptilon divaricatus, Syn: Haplopappus divaricatum
Asteraceae (Composite Sunflower) Family


Goldenweed is also known as Gray Daisy, Haplopappus, Slender Scratch Daisy, Slender Spring gold and Narrowleaf Goldenbush.

Plant is a tall, sprawling, hairy annual with a taproot. Preferred habitat is roadsides, open woods and the margin of thin pine forests. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are mostly on the bottom portion of the plant and in a basal grouping; alternate on the stem, no leaf stalks, widest at the middle to oblong (nearly lance-like or linear). Leaf margins are toothed and a tiny spine may be seen at leaf tip.

Flowers are in panicles (more than one flower on a stalk); heads rest atop short stalks. Flowers are symmetrical in shape; seven to twelve rays. Disc flowers are bisexual in nature. Ray flowers are female and yellow. Flowers occur in the summer and early autumn.

Fruit is achene.

The plant is often mistaken for a similar sunflower due to its size; smaller plants may be mistaken for hawkweed. Look for a plant with many branches. The leaves may appear to be dry and twisted, but there is no mistaking the numerous flower heads that appear on the naked stems.

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