Grass-leaf Liatris - Grassleaf Gayfeather
Liatris elegantula - (Greene) K. Schumann
Asteraceae (Composite Sunflower) Family


Grass-leaf Liatris is also known as Purple Featherflower.

Plant is an upright, arching, or leaning, slender perennial emerging from a corm with fiberous roots.  The stem is rarely branched.  Preferred habitat is open forests, dry uplands, edges of new plantation forests and slopes.  Distribution is throughout the Escambia region, except directly at seashore.

The leaves are long and slender; grass-like; alternate on the stem in a spiral arrangement; numerous; tapering tip, no leaf stalk (sessile); covered with microscopic sunken glands; rough to the touch.

Fruit is a long, hairy nutlet topped with a feather-like plume

Flowers are stalked heads in bundles of 2-4 flowers per head; spaced and spiraling along the stem in an elongated spike. Color is violet to purple with frilly thin petals.  Bracts subtending the florets are rounded and overlapping, often with purplish margins. Bract bristles are usually tan to pale purple..

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