Green Spotted Pitcher Plant - Yellow Pitcher Plant
Sarracenia flava - Linnaeus
Sarraceniaceae (Pitcher Plant) Family

Green Spotted Pitcher Plant is also known as Yellow Pitcher Plant, Trumpets and Trumpet-Leaf Pitcher Plant.

Plant is an upright, carnivorous plant with showy, bright yellow, drooping flowers and erect trumpet-shaped, hollow, inflated leaves. Preferred habitat is bogs and wet pinelands. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

Leaves are up to three feet high and hooded with a constricted neck. Hood arches over the leaf opening that collects water.

Flowers are large and yellow; musty odor; three to five inches wide; five sepals, five petals; numerous stamens; large style that is disc-like. Flowers occur in early spring between April and May.

This southern plant has hollow leaves which fills with water. Insects and other organisms drown and their soft body parts are dissolved by enzymes manufactured by the plant. The insect is then digested.

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