Green Darner Dragonfly
Anex junius
Family: Aeshnidae

Female Dragonfly, October 27, 2006

Identification: The body is long, slender, usually with bright markings. The wings are transparent, held straight out from the body at rest. The hindwings are wider at the base than the forewing. The female has a grayish-brown abdomen. The male is bluish-green. Both sexes will have a target-like spot on the head. The thorax is green.

The Green Darner Dragonfly would be an excellent official state insect for any state. And, for several important reasons: (1) it occurs throughout most states of North America; (2) it visits rural, suburban, and even urban areas; (3) it is familiar and easy to recognize; (4) it is associated with aquatic habitats, and (5) it symbolizes the need to conserve and protect these valuable areas. This highly beneficial creature (consuming many biting flies) does not bite or sting humans. The Green Darner Dragonfly is one of the largest and most common dragonflies in North America. Its preferred habitat is in the vicinity of ponds and streams, and can be seen on any warm sunny day from May to September.

Pete Williams, 11-13-08

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