Green Treefrog
Hyla cinerea
Family: Hylidae

Treefrog white stripe             Treefrog yellow stripe

Treefrog in dark camouflage
Photo by Pete Williams 10-14-09

The Green Treefrog is a fairly small frog, ranging in size from 1.25 to 2.25 inches. These frogs are most easily distinguished by a light-colored lateral stripe, extending from the upper lip along each side to the groin. This line may be pearly white, pale yellow, or entirely absent. They are generally green in color, although the color may vary from dark olive-brown to pale yellow depending on environment. They are drawn to open, damp areas like cattle tanks, pasture ponds, slowly flowing canals, lakes and streams, especially among emergent and floating vegetation. During the day they are known to rest on the underside of large green leaves of plants in the flower garden or greenhouses.

The Green Treefrog call has been described as a series of "quonks" or as a "queenk-queenk-queenk" with a nasal inflection. Green Treefrogs can be heard chorusing from early February to late summer in this area, although in the more northerly parts of their range reproduction begins later in the spring. They call most frequently on warm, humid, overcast nights.

Baby Green Treefrog finding safe harbor in a 1" PVC pipe

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