Gray Treefrog
Hyla versicolor

Gray Tree Frog is a light green to gray colored frog which changes color to match the background. These colors will often mix to form patterns on the back and leg quarters. This medium sized frog has a polkadot under each eye and big toepads that help them climb. It is fairly common throughout the southeastern United States. Its preferred habitat is brushy, overgrown areas. It is also fond of greenhouse environments and loves to sleep over in tiny holes or cracks between house bricks.

Its diet is usually small insects; crickets, moths, flies, etc.

Differentiating between male and female is fairly easy since only males sing "love songs" to attract females to their pad. Males start singing, usually at night when air temperatures reach around 60 degrees (April through July is breeding season). Their songs are either sweet sounds like a bird or buzzing trills.

Pete Williams, Gulf Breeze, Florida, August 2010

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