Horace's Dusky-wing Skipper
Erynnis horatius

Identification: Oplar, USGS Internet pages, Butterflies of Alabama - The fringes are brown. Upperside of the male forewing is dark brown with little contrast and no white overscaling. The above image is of a male Dusky-wing. The upperside of the female forewing is light brown with a contrasting pattern and large transparent spots. The underside of hindwing is usually without the two spots below the apex.

Caterpillar host plants are both red and white oaks including willow oak, northern red oak, scrub oak, water oak, post oak, and live oak.

Horace's Dusky-wing visits taller flowers like dogbane, sneezeweed, buttonbush, goldenrod, and winter cress.

Its preferred habitat is open woodlands, clearings, fencerows, wooded swamps, power-line right-of-ways, open fields, and roadsides.

Female Duskywing courtesy V. Charny

Male Duskywing courtesy V. Charny

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