Horse Sugar
Sweet Leaf - Dye Bush
Symplocos tinctoria - (Linnaeus) L'Heritier
Symplocaceae (Sweetleaf) Family

Horse Sugar is a large shrub or small tree. Its preferred habitat is stream edges, alluvial or dry woods. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region.

The atalked leaves are alternate on the stem, leathery to the touch, lance-like in form, no teeth and no lobes. The leaf tip is tapered, often pinched at the tip. The leaf base is wedge-shaped.

The flowers arise from the leaf axil in clusters. Each flower is bisexual in nature. The calyx is lobed, five petals. The color is yellow, numerous stamens that extend beyond the petals. Flowers occur in the spring before the leaves emerge.

Fruit is a drupe.

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