Hurricane Lily - Spider Lily - Naked Lady
(L'Heritier) Herbert
Liliaceae (Lily) Family

White Spider Lily, Lycoris albiflora
Also known as Resurrection Lily and Eyelash Lily

                                                                             Red Spider Lily, L. radiata 

Plant is an upright perennial from a bulb. Preferred habitat is yards, margin of thin woods, roadsides and abandoned homesteads. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region, but is known primarily in the domestic landscape.

Leaves are basal, with a paper-like sheath that surrounds the bulb; narrowly strap-like and fleshy; appearing in autumn and dying in late spring.

Flowers are at the end of a tall, leafless stem; five to six stems in number from a single bulb cluster; six parts, golden yellow, dark rose, red or white; funnel-shaped, lobes recurved, and wavy margins. The flower features long protruding stamens. Flowers occur in late summer; followed by withering stems that recede, making way for autumn foliage.

There are three varieties that flourish in our climate; white, golden yellow (L. africana) and red/rose; the most popular being the rose (L. radiata). Species that linger semi-dormant through winter and expand their leaves in spring (L. incarnata and L. sprengeri) are more difficult to cultivate in the southern region because their growing season is cut short by the onset of long summer heat. Like all members of the Amaryllis family, hurricane lilies are poisonous.

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