Indian Cucumber Root
Medeola virginiana
Liliaceae (Lily) Family

Plant is an upright, smooth perennial from a rhizome (from which new growth emerges). Preferred habitat is moist woods, rocky slopes and along streams. Distribution is throughout the Escambia region except directly at seashore and brackish areas.

Leaves are in whorls of three to eleven per node; the lower whorl has leaves that are oblong to widest at the middle with bases graduating to a narrow point and sometimes clasping the stem; the upper whorl usually has three to four leaves that are widest at the middle or egg-shaped with sides tapering at the tip and less than equal. Leaf base is rounded to wedge-shaped.

Flowers are at the end of a slender stem, somewhat nodding and usually below the upper leaf whorl; yellowish to greenish; stamens purple. Flowers occur in the spring.

Fruit is a berry with erect fruit stalks.

The succulent rhizome may be eaten raw; taste resembles that of cucumber, thus the name.

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